Chatham Historic Dockyard
Breaking the Chain
Completed June 2017
Overall budget £20k

Following a competitive tender process, we developed a temporary exhibition for Historic Dockyards Chatham that opened 18th June 2017. The exhibition commemorates the 350th anniversary of the Battle of the Medway, the story of the devastating Dutch attach on the Royal Navy in the Medway. Ultimately this defeat catalysed Britain to dominate the seas in the next century.

The exhibition is divided into three chapters each opening with a large painting positioned as a single object on a freestanding coloured wall. Walls and cases are set out at an angle to the space creating a dynamic environment with movement, reveal and points of discovery.

The exhibition is told through Dutch and British contemporary art, literature, historic manuscripts and extraordinary objects, on loan from collections at The Royal Museum Greenwich, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Dutch National Maritime Museum, the Michiel de Ruyter Foundation and the British Library.

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