Simon Leach Design were appointed in June 2016 to provide Interpretation and Exhibition Design services for the Museum of Oxford’s ‘Hidden Histories’ project.

The project aims to create a new ‘cultural hub’ with active learning and community participation at its core.

In addition to new gallery displays on the ground floor, there will be a Museum Makers Workshop and New Learning Space in the basement of the building (directly below the galleries).

The intention is for all spaces to incorporate and provide for active community and learning opportunities, including within the gallery displays.

The Museum Makers Workshop will be a dedicated space for ‘hands-on’ activities (i.e. art classes, creative writing, photography) and community groups (e.g. youth forums, local history societies). It will also be a space where visitors and users can see ‘behind-the-scenes’, where museum staff and volunteers work on the archive and collections.

The New Learning Space will enable groups to engage with the museum and its participatory projects in a controlled environment. It will facilitate digital and physical engagement and have a flexible arrangement to adapt to different uses at different times of the day (i.e. school classes of 30 during the day and guest lectures in an evening).

The gallery displays on the ground floor will interweave a rolling programme of community projects and learning into the interpretation and exhibition design, creating meaningful and inspiring co-curated displays that remain relevant and in-touch with activities and events happening throughout the city and local communities.

museum of oxford

museum of oxford