St Mary Magdalene
Interpretive planning and design
HLF Round 2 application completed October 2015, approved
Overall budget £2m – Interpretation budget £100k

The Parish of St Mary Magdalene-in-Paddington was created in 1865 as an Anglo-Catholic mission to a seriously deprived area.

In November 2014, we were appointed by Paddington Development Trust (PDT) to develop the Interpretation Plan and accompanying design strategy as part of the HLF Round 2 submittal for St Mary Magdalene: Paddington’s Living Heritage project. This has since been approved.

Paddington’s Living Heritage is an innovative, grassroots project creating a hub of new heritage activity centred at the church of St Mary Magdalene in Paddington, the Grade I gothic masterpiece created by George Edmund Street. The project will form a focal point for celebrating local people’s heritage and culture alongside the broader stories of Paddington’s development and the heritage of St Mary Magdalene Church.

For this project we are developing a number of co-curated and co-designed interpretive projects with local community groups. Having end-users being the primary makers further enhances the sense of community within this new community hub.

A new cast-concrete stair core will have a number of apertures cast into its surface, into which tiles will be fixed. Each tile will carry a piece of information that relates to the narratives of the local community. The content will be researched and the tiles made by a local school, and then arranged chronologically from the basement level through to the present day at the top floor. The risers of each step will include a date to indicate this progression.  

st mary magdalene's church